The Inspection Network in Central and East Europe

Inspection Services International (ISI) has been established in Vienna in year 1988 and since that time renders inspection and analytical services mainly in Central and East Europe, Turkey and Iran.

Reliability and speed of action are vectors of its existence and success.

ISI is the dependable partner in international trading and the industrial world recognised as such by all active players in commerce, production, transport and banking.

Lately ISI has moved its management headquarters to London, and is registered under the name ISI-INT, trading its abilities and services thru an integrated network recognisable under the brand

The network covers a substantial part of the New Europe confirming its trust in the strong development of this part of the world in coming years.

The workforce is a strong, homogenous constellation of trained and experienced surveyors and inspectors. The network is expanding to cover needs of the ambitious potentials being enhanced in EU’s New Member States.


ISI-INT network is expanding and now also covering The Netherlands, Belgium and Catalonia.