You Look for a „Man on the Spot“ - Strengths

Delocalisation, new Suppliers/Vendors, application of new standards and codes, using the right revision, applying your Inspection & Testing Programme appropriately, reaching your levels of quality within the time you designated, are difficult tasks which ISI can assist you manage to your satisfaction reducing cost and optimising your effectiveness.

Using ISI qualified personnel gives you an advantage in time and money terms.

Reliability and Speed of Action

ISI trained, checked, followed-up and experienced inspectors and monitors provide you a reliable service and a fast response.

Your turn-around time shall be more efficient, your queries shall receive an answer within a couple of hours; our coordination team has a 24/7 operation effectiveness.

The Inspection Itself

ISI has 18 years of experience in a broad variety of materials, processes, types of industrial products, applicable norms and standards, and, above all, has THE experience of workshops and practices in Central & East Europe which makes of YOUR PRIME INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PARTNER in The New Europe and opening manufacturing markets of Russia and the Ukraine.