Soil Testing


Since ISI is represented in Central & East European countries since its very beginning and has a comprehensive coverage of the Region, and since recent development in the Region has shown need and interest for more accurate environment assessment, control and protection thus the need for more elaborate methods of ascertaining the real condition of soil and/or waste, in view of important investments, ISI has developed its know-how in that field as well.

Foreign investors are „keen to know exactly what is under the surface“ and look for a reliable partner in the field of assessment.

ISI is developing this type of activity in various countries of Central & East Europe, and is able to offer following services. The list below gives you an idea of the extent of work that local ISI structures can provide for.

Due to the great variety of possible approaches, sampling methods, methods of analysis, this highly professional work is organised, carried out and supervised by ISI in cooperation with best specialist and samples analysed in recognised laboratories. ISI gives to this activity necessary professional approach, seriousness and reliability of private entrepreneurship.

Soil Analysis

Real estate:

  • soil sampling and analysis of potential polluting elements of industrial and commercial grounds
  • rest-waste assessment in soil for grounds intended for living, recreational and for sports activities
  • polluted soil analysis for grounds intended for housing development
  • soil analysis of agricultural and gardening land
  • fertilizer use: evaluation of fertilisers overdoses and assessment of real needs
  • nutrient analysis of agri grounds
  • assessment of excavated materials, gravels and sediments in view of dumping and/or disposal; also for landfills.

Waste Analysis

Evaluation of waste disposals:

  • solid and fluid waste
  • ascertaining possible abandoned waste dumps
  • analysis of presumably polluted/contaminated grounds
  • evaluation of construction waste
  • evaluation of waste compounds as combustibles
  • ascertaining waste composition/waste quality control for open landfill sites

Soil & Waste Management Procedures

  • ascertaining hazardousness of waste
  • classification and risk assessment
  • assistance during excavation and transport of waste


Project approach, conduct of sampling and performance of analysis is based on applicable EN ISO Standards.

For your need and your project the best technicians, engineers and chemists are employed; the structure of the team you need shall be tailored to your needs; ISI shall structure the best possible team of specialist for your project. Know-how in „inspection & assessment“ is the workforce of ISI-built teams which shall solve your problem and give you a neutral and reliable picture of existent conditions.